Beyond the Impossible
Noriko Null
First appearance: Chapter 2
Eighteen year old girl turned the world's smartest person by Athena.
Has the entire knowledge of humanity in her head, giving her superhuman intelligence, silver eyes and an oversized ego.

First appearance: Chapter 2
Greek goddess of knowledge and war. Gave Noriko all the knowledge of humanity.
She probably has her own reasons.

Leiko Tanaka
First appearance: Chapter 2
Noriko's mother. Japanese businesswoman, abandoned Noriko shortly after her birth. Plans to take over the world.
Possibly the coldest heart in the universe.

Greek goddess of the hearth; will appear in Chapter 3

Max Black
He really shouldn't be there, but will appear in Chapter 3

The Drylon
First appearance: Chapter 1
Alien race extinct for the last five billion years.
Impossibly advanced technology.
The greatest mystery of the universe. Probably ####### insane.